Hazel Chapman


Our sunbird pollen transport network is a first for an Afromontane forest. In fact, it is the first sunbird pollen transport network ever and shows how the sunbird species in Ngel Nyaki forest transport pollen of a very wide range of flower types.   Promiscuous pollinators—Evidence from an Afromontane sunbird–plant pollen transport network
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Ecological Trail
But should we? What are the potential consequences to our environment? Ascensao et al May 2018 discuss in  https://www.researchgate.net/publication/325155394_Environmental_challenges_for_the_Belt_and_Road_Initiative . Bill Laurance describes it as the environmentally riskiest venture ever  http://alert-conservation.org/issues-research-highlights/2018/5/23/chinas-belt-road-is-environmentally-riskiest-venture-ever This Wednesday, 9am in UC Biology we (Fouth Year Conservation) are debating the Belt and Road scheme- anyone welcome!
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