Nigerian Monatane Forest Project

Nigerian Montane Forest Project (NMFP)

The NMFP started in 2003 with the aims of:
• Combining scientific research with community education at both tertiary and local community level in order to develop long-term sustainable management of Nigeria’s montane forests.
• Facilitating the involvement of national and international researchers in Nigerian montane forest research
• Involving the community in the management of montane forest ecosystems
• Working with the community in other ways, such as developing small businesses and working with schools to develop conservation awareness by developing community education. 

Since 2005 over 30 postgraduate students have had field work based at Ngel Nyaki. The model was for students to enrol at UC in New Zealand and do field work in Nigeria. MSc students were normally Kiwis and PhD’s mostly Nigerian nationals. See publications and people.
This model has worked exceptionally well, but is currently ‘on hold’ until 2020 because of local issues.

However the field station is as active as ever- it is full of undergraduates from Nigerian universities doing their six month ‘work experience’ and the field assistants are carrying out all the routine sampling. For international postgraduate students interested in working on samples from the field (such as leaf samples for population genetics) the option remains open.
In the meantime, PhD students looking for tropical research in primatology, seed dispersal and similar projects, there is an opportunity to enrol at UC and work in Kibale National Park in Uganda. Such projects will be a collaboration with myself and Professor Colin Chapman. Please visit

In Nigeria my postgraduate students, collaborators and I have worked on a wide range of ecological questions based at understanding the ecology of Afromontane forests in order to promote their conservation and management. Projects include investigating the role of the African giant pouched rat (Crisetomys sp. Nov) in dispersing large seeds, sunbird pollination networks and forest restoration.

Ngel Nyaki forest is one of the five African Centre For Tropical Forest Science ForestGeo Global Earth observatory network sites. We have established a 20 ha plot within the forest and the first census is complete.


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