Hazel M. Chapman


Associate Professor of Evolutionary Ecology at The University of Canterbury, New Zealand

Hazel M. Chapman research ecologist with particular interests in plant-animal interactions, tropical forest conservation/restoration and the ecology of plant invasions.

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I am a research ecologist with particular interests in tropical forest conservation/restoration, plant-animal interactions, and the ecology of plant invasions.  I am the Founder and Science Director of the Nigerian Montane Forest Project (NMFP) in Taraba State, Nigeria, and am based at the University of Canterbury (UC) Christchurch, NZ. You can read more about me in my bio here. 
At UC I teach evolutionary biology, evolutionary ecology, invasion ecology, and conservation biology.  I have an active lab group with postgraduate students working in both Nigeria and New Zealand. Please click here to see more.

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The role of hybridisation and speciation in the evolution of invasiveness in plants. In New Zealand invasive plants are a major contributor to biodiversity loss. What makes some species so invasive? Do they evolve this ability through hybridisation after arrival in NZ?

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The NMFP started in 2003 with the aims of:
• Combining scientific research with education at both tertiary and local community level in order to develop long-term sustainable management of Nigeria’s montane forests.
• Facilitating the involvement of national and international researchers in Nigerian montane forest research
• Involving the community in the management of montane forest ecosystems
• Working with the community in other ways, such as developing small businesses and working with schools to develop conservation awareness.

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