Biplang Yadok

PhD 2018

Ecology of the African Giant Pouched Rat
Since completing his PhD in 2018 Dr Yadok has been working with the Nigerian Montane Forest Project collating and analysing 15 years worth of long-term ecological data on phenology and seed dispersal. 

Current Students

Abiem Iveren


The role of clumping and inter-specific negative density dependence in shaping species distributions in Tropical Afromontane Forest

Morgan Tracy


Morgan is exploring how the presence of invasive weedy species is influencing the pollination of small, native brooms- Carmichaelia spp. Her research site is the Lake Tekapo Scientific Reserve in the New Zealand Mackenzie country. 

Sanaz Safavian


Sanaz is investigating the influence of different anthropogenic disturbances on braided river birds. New Zealand’s unique braided rivers are home to several bird species who depend on the river for survival. Yet the rivers are popular for human recreation. Sanaz’s co-supervisor is Prof. Jim Briskie.

Gboyega Awoku


Pollination services to subsistence farmers provided by insect pollinators on the Mambilla Plateau, Nigeria. Here he will be looking at the native invertebrate pollinators, measuring their pollination efficiency on crop species and working out what role native forest patches play in harboring potentially important pollinators. 
Associate supervisor Dr Brad Howlett – Plant and Food Research, Christchurch; Dr Bridget  Bobadoye, Forest Research Institute, Ibadan. 

Ridwan Jafar

Lab Associate

Joseph Dawson

Diurnal pollinators- moth pollination in the New Zealand High Country.

In this study, Joseph is investigating the role of moths in the pollination of  New Zealand high country plants. He will use light trapping and pollen identification to create a moth-pollen network, and combine this with bagging experiments to determine the importance of moth pollination in seed set. 

Previous Students

Michelle Williamson


Adaptive variation in Mimulus gutattus, an invasive weed of New Zealand wetlands. Collaborator- Prof. Phil Hulme

Murna Tela


Ecosystem services provided by birds to subsistence farmers on the Mabilla Plateau, Nigeria. Collaborator Prof Will Cresswell.

Jennifer Agaldo


Seed dispersal by ants in a Nigerian Montane Forest (2015-2018)

David Kerr

Current MSc

Factors limiting the spread of monkey flower, Mimulus gutattus in New Zealand. Collaborator- Prof. Phil Hulme

Kumilign Asmare

Population genetics of the genus Meterosidros in New Zealand (2014-2017)

Denise Arroyo-Lambaer


Conserving amphibian diversity- inventory and gene flow studies in fragmented montane forest, Mambilla Plateau, Nigeria. (2012 – 2015)

Babale Aliyu


Seed dispersal by the African Giant Pouched Rat in collaboration with Prof. Pierre Michele Forget (2011-14)

Danladi Umar


Worked on fresh water invertebrates in Afromontane streams. With Prof. Jon Harding. (2008-2011)

Lily Braislford


Population genetics of some common Afromontane forest tree species. (2015-2017)

Sasha Roselli


Factors limiting species composition and growth rates of naturally regenerating forest in a Nigerian montane grasslands. (2012-2014)

Kelly Hutchinson


Foraging ecology of the Putty nose Monkey (Cercopithecus nictitans) in collaboration with Prof. Mike Lawes. (2012 – 2014).

Joshua Thia


Fragmentaion affects on gene flow in two rare montane forest tree species with differing dispersal mechanisms. (2012 – 2014)

Charles Nsor


Sunbird pollination and fate of strong contributors to mutualistic networks in a West African montane forest. (2011-2014)

Alex Knight


Gene flow patterns, inbreeding and gender biased dispersal in the Nigerian Cameroon chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes ellioti) (2011-2013)

Paul Dutton

Ecology of the Nigerian/Cameroon Chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes ellioti) (2009-12) 


Professor Phil Hume

Phil is currently collaborating with myself and students Michelle Williamson and David Kerr

Professor Pierre-Michel Forget

Pierre Michele is part of the Nigerian Montane Forest Projects and has collaborated with us in research into seed dispersal through the scatterhoarding behaviour of the African giant pouched rat.

Professor Colin Chapman


We collaborate in areas of forest restoration and primate mediated seed dispersal. Currently PhD students interested in such research in Nigeria (where we cannot send students just now) can carry out equivalent field research in collaboration with myself and Colin in Uganda.

Professor Michel Lawes

Active collaborator in Afromontane research.